Save Red Rock Canyon From Mining

Red Rock Canyon State Park

This spring, as its fields of wildflowers bloom and raptors build their nests nearby, California’s iconic Red Rock Canyon State Park is in imminent danger. A mining company called Matcon Corporation is trying to get “vested mining rights” for an old mine inside the park — potentially threatening its rare plants and animals, cultural values and exquisite landscapes. 

Tell Kern County to protect this crown jewel of the western Mojave. 

Without showing proof Matcon claims it has vested mining rights on private lands within the park that haven’t been consistently commercially mined since 1947. Granting those rights would let the company restart loud, dusty, destructive mining activities with minimal environmental review. 

Mining in Red Rock would shatter desert solitude, mar breathtaking views, pollute air and water, disturb unique paleontology, depress the local economy, and harm habitat for endangered species like desert tortoises and Mojave ground squirrels. 

Tell the Kern County Planning Commission to protect all of this by rejecting Matcon’s plan at its May meeting. 


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