Red Rock – Nature Inspired

Hello Red Rockers: 

We find ourselves in a new age when all we took for granted is suddenly upended.  We often find much later in time that there is positive that comes out of the most negative life circumstances.  So too one may find that people on this planet will change for the better. May it be so.   

We have become so disconnected from nature that we often forget the gifts that the earth gives us.  Red Rock has an appeal to many of us because we can visually see how stunning the majestic canyons  and geologic formations are that give us a sense of peace and inspiration.   

There is however, so much more than the physical beauty of nature that provides for our safety and survival that we have taken for granted.  Too many people do not know that modern day medicines and pills were in fact derived from plants and botanicals.  If you have a headache, you reach for the aspirin bottle that you get from the box store that you drive to.  If you had access to white willow, you would know that it can provide the relief for headaches that we get from over the counter pain relievers.  This is just one example of the countless gifts to be found from the plant world.  Wildlife and Rock Worlds (just to name a few) also contain an abundance of contributions to life as we know it. Who knew that “Venom from snakes is an important agent for curing many types of cancers.”  Please keep in mind that too much of something that cures can also kill. Balance is key.  The point being that nature has been taken for granted as time has gone on since the 1950’s and we have become a society using convenience and consumption as a major way of life. 

Now would be a great time to connect with nature’s bounty and beauty.  In addition to the physical aspect of nature which is the basis for countless items in our lives, we cannot forget the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects it provides.  The sense of peace and calm that comes from going outside and appreciating the basics of earth and sky has incredible beneficial rewards. 

So in closing for this week, thank you for being one that already gets how awesome nature is and what it provides for humanity.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a Red Rocker and an afficionado of Red Rock Canyon State Park.  Keep on Rocking. Keep on keeping on. 

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