A Current Revised Plan Concept was Proposed at the third round of public meetings in October 2019
for the Red Rock Canyon General Plan Revision Process 

 The long awaited (and overdue) Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Revision process has released a “Revised Plan Concept,” ( Click Here to view the document).   Click Here to Access: RRCIA SUMMARY OF THE MOST CRITICAL POINTS

Following this, the State intends to release a combined Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Final Plan. This is a critical document and is equivalent to what used to be referred to as an agency’s “Preferred Alternative”.  

Public input at this stage is imperative to shaping the future of Red

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RRCIA, Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association,  POSITION STATEMENTS can be found in Comment Letters Submitted in previous comment periods, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association was established in 1982 to promote the interpretive and educational activities of Red Rock Canyon State Park. It is also our role to help conserve and interpret the units of the State Department of Parks and Recreation for the benefit of the public.

Red Rock Canyon is a spectacular majestic landscape. It is an outdoor classroom for scientists; students and researchers. It is an open canvas for artists and sacred ground for many. It is a fragile desert environment that commands respect and is awe-inspiring. It is one of California’s best treasures.

  • Red Rock Canyon is undergoing a revision of the General Plan by California State Parks which will determine how the land is used for generations to come.
  • Under the Desert Protection Act in 1994, a parcel of land (over 17,000 acres) was transferred to Red Rock Canyon State Park. This is one of the reasons a General Plan Revision was required.
  • The General Plan Revision was suddenly resurrected at the end of the summer of 2018.


The Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association (RRCIA) strongly supports a General Plan for Red Rock Canyon State Park that offers inspirational public access and enjoyment while ensuring the park and its invaluable resources remain prized and protected for all future generations.

The General Plan Revision Process was re-started in late Summer of 2018 and can take one to two or plus years.

State Parks in the Spring of 2019 revealed four “concepts” for land use for Red Rock in their second set of public meetings in March.  Two of their four proposals would reclassify Red Rock to a State Recreation Area.  We consider this a breach of trust and duty. The Desert Protection Act of 1994 transferred land to Red Rock Canyon State Park with the specific Congressional intent of reversing prior recreational damage. The legislation specifically emphasized management of this acreage “to provide maximum protection for the areas scenic and scientific values.”

The RRCIA vehemently opposes California State Parks current consideration of downgrading safeguards by reclassifying the State Park into a less protected State Recreation Area. Red Rock Canyon simply does not meet the legal criteria or intent, as put forth in Public Resources Code 5019.56, to be a State Recreation Area. In addition, Red Rock Canyon is surrounded on three sides by Bureau of Land Management properties and the new Onyx Ranch State Vehicular Recreation Area, which allow liberal recreation, especially for vehicles. With such opportunity next door, these values do not need to be duplicated within the sensitive confines of spectacular Red Rock Canyon State Park.

State Parks has put together an informational site on the General Plan revision,


Your involvement is appreciated!

In addition, State Parks would like to announce that a summary of public comments received during the preliminary plan concepts public comment period of March 26 to August 1, 2019 has been uploaded to the website at

Should you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us at



Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association promotes the wise stewardship of the voluminous and unique natural, cultural and scientific resources that are prolific and irreplaceable at Red Rock Canyon State Park.  The interpretation and education of this extraordinary masterpiece of nature is contingent on the delicate balance of use by the public so that future generations will continue to be gifted with the plethora of riches to be found in the fragile desert environment. RRCIA believes that sacred environments should be preserved and that humans have a lot to learn from respecting nature’s treasures such as Red Rock Canyon State Park.


 Original Announcement Re: Historical Background of

Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Update is Below

The California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) has filed a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to be prepared for the Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Revision, according to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  

Why Is this Important and What does it Mean for the Park Environs and Users of the Park?

State Parks is developing a General Plan Revision for Red Rock Canyon State Park to provide a comprehensive framework for future Park development and use, and to provide management objectives for the Park.

The Revised General Plan will also provide a clear framework of consistent management goals and guidelines for the entire Park, identify formal boundaries, and make recommendations for the classification of all of the Park’s acreage.

What is involved in the Legal Process?

State Parks has filed a Notice of Preparation (NOP) with the State Clearinghouse. The purpose of the NOP is to notify agencies, organizations, and individuals that State Parks plans to prepare the EIR and request input on the environmental analysis. The NOP provides a more detailed description of the PWP and its potential environmental effects. The NOP that the State Parks has put out can be viewed online here.

The purpose of the EIR is to evaluate the environmental issues associated with the proposed Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Revision. State Parks will serve as the lead agency under CEQA.

 What is the historical background for the General Plan?

The General Plan revision process was originally started in 2003. At the time, the planning team held a scoping meeting and received extensive input from the public, agencies and stakeholders.  This process was suspended because of budgetary problems.  This process was then started and stopped in 2008; 2014 and briefly in 2017.

Much has changed in the vicinity of Red Rock Canyon State Park over this time (including additional land acquisitions, and the CEQA process), State Parks has issued a new NOP.

RRCIA has been told by the Planning Team that the input received from the previous scoping process periods going back to 2003 would be considered in the park concepts developed to-date, and this input will continue to be carried forward in proposed project concept development. RRCIA has been appreciative of all those who took the time to comment and go to scoping meetings to make their voices heard.

For More Information on the General Plan Revision Process:

California Department of Parks and Recreation

Attn: Katie Metraux, Acting OHMVR Planning Manager

1725 23rd Street, Suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95816

The California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) has an informational website they put together for the purpose of disseminating information on the continuance of the General Plan Process for Red Rock.  That Website is:

 Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association appreciates your involvement.  We will continue to let you know about information as we receive it.