Red Rock Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride my Off Highway Vehicles inside the park?
You can ride any red or green sticker vehicles within Red Rock Canyon, AS LONG as you remain on the roads and follow ALL vehicle code regulations. Please, bear in mind that we are surrounded by Bureau of Land Management and therefore understand where the boundaries lie.

Can I backpack into and camp in Red Rock Canyon?
You CAN NOT disperse camp anywhere other than Ricardo Campgraounds within Red Rock Canyon. However, we are surrounded by land owned by the Bureau of Land Management which accommodates disperse camping.

Can I use my drone?
No. If you want to use a drone in Red Rock Canyon you must get a permit approved by the California Film Commission and State Parks.

Where can I recreationally shoot my gun?
You cannot fire a weapon under any circumstances within State Park property.

What kind of animals should we be worried about while camping?
Red Rock Canyon generally does not have very large predators. There are occasions where a Bear or Mountain Lion can be seen in the area, however this is VERY rare! Most of the worrisome animals, such as snakes are only active during spring and summer. As for ALL animals and insects it is better to be aware of them but leave them alone. They do not want to interact with you, and are happy to just ignore you.

Do I need a fire permit?
No. Red Rock Canyon rarely will have fire restrictions. Unless otherwise stated you can have a fire as long as it stays inside the fire pit provided in the campsite.

What does Red Rock Canyon have to offer visitors?
Red Rock Canyon has 27,000 acres of explorable, adventure building land. Although we don’t have very many dedicated hiking areas there are no hiking restrictions and therefore you can wander everywhere.

There are also campsite available, as well as day use picknicking areas. A Visitor Center and Cultural Museum are also available.

Can I ride my bicycle?
Yes, however you can only ride on established roads and you must follow all roadway laws.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, your pet must be leashed at all times. Dogs must remain on a 6-foot maximum leash and be accompanied by a person at all times. They must be cleaned up after and cannot be left unattended.

Domestic animals, including comfort dogs, are not allowed on established trails (with the exception of trained service animals).  Service animals are requested, but not required, to wear distinguishing markers to avoid misleading other visitors regarding our dog regulations.

Can I take a rock or pick flowers?
All plants, animals, natural and cultural features are protected. Collection of anything is prohibited by the public without a permit.