IMG_3305The Campfire Program, during the Spring and Fall seasons, will have guided tours with knowledgeable docents scheduled, usually in the morning. Occasionally a night hike is scheduled as well. You are more than welcome to join us on these Saturday programs. You can find a current schedule here.

If we are given advanced notice we can also try to schedule a guided nature hike with a docent. Please contact Lou Figueroa at, or Ranger Laughlin IMG_3291at

There are also many self-guided hikes you can travel.  You can find more information on hiking within Red Rock Canyon here.



DSC00571-1The Visitor Center, which has an educational museum display on the natural and cultural history of Red Rock Canyon, is open seasonally (Spring and Fall). The displays offer an educational look at the geological history including the formation of Red Rock, the types of rocks and minerals you can find, and the fossil history of the area. We have many fossils on display ranging from a leg bone of the Megatylopus, an ancient ‘giraffe-like’ camel that inhabited the area; to the tusk from a Gomphothere, an elephant-like mamal. You can even see the display of a Rhinoceros jaw that was found in Red Rock Canyon.

Aditionally the Vistor Center museum displays a lot of the cultural history of the area as well. From a native american display featuring a real life model for the Kawaiisu tribe that used the area as a resting spot along the trade routes, to the rich mining history of the area, and also includes a display on the September 3, 1997 flood that devestated the old Ranger station and maintenance areas of Red Rock.visitor_center_header

The rich history or Red Rock doesn’t end there, however. The media room offers a look at some of the posters for movies that have been filmed here, including Planet of the Apes. There is list of the movies, commercials, and TV Shows that have been filmed at Red Rock in the Vistor Center.


The Visitor Center also has a great natural display outside. This display shows the nautral vegetation common to the area, such as the rabitt brush, creosote, joshua tree, cactuses, and bladder pod bush. This display also houses a Federally protected Desert Tortoise and many nests inside the Cholla catctus from the Cactus Wrens.







When the Visitor Center is open there is a self-guided Junior Ranger booklet available. The answers to all of the questions are found within the Visitor Center and on the nature trails. The Junior Ranger programs is for children ages 7-12DSC_0771

Once done you can bring the booklet back to any park staff and be sworn in as a State Park Junior Ranger and receive your badge.



For K-12 School Groups you IMG_0208must schedule your trip with Ranger Laughlin at See the School Groups page for more information.

Colleges and Universities are welcome to visit any time and do not need to make special arrangements, however, we would appreciate hearing from you as it helps give us an understanding of who is utilizing the park for educational purposes.  We encourage you to drop us a line at  Of course, if you have any special needs beyond the normal visit, please contact Ranger Laughlin to see if we can accommodate your request.